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How We Work

A Forward Thinking Model

We run things a little differently around here and we’re proud of this unique approach. Experience has taught us that as an indoor firing range owner and operator, you’re likely to run into three problems as you go about setting up your ventilation system. So, We Solve These Problems For You Before They Come Up.
  1. Disruption To Range Operation - The hours wasted opening and closing firing lanes while you manage filter changes are a major cost inefficiency.
  2. Federal Compliancy - The truth is, someone is trying to shut you down. The attack on 2nd Amendment rights has been shifted to target you as a range owner via the over-enforcement of Federal Guidelines.
  3. Hidden Costs - Best intentions aside, if you don’t have the correct air configuration you will fail a lead air sample test and incur costly fines.
Solutions: Our Pleasure and Our Speciality. By identifying and managing these problems before they happen, we ensure both your return on investment and the future of your business.

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What You Think You Know May Be Wrong

If you’ve been researching firing range ventilations systems, chances are you’ve discovered a mess of contradicting information and technical jargon. The truth is, if you don’t get it right you’ll lose money. How? Non Compliance. In 2013 alone, ten million dollars in fines were issued to ranges throughout the US.

So What Does Your HVAC Need To Do?

A correct air configuration must convert or deliver 99% into a lateral unified direction down range without, dropping straight to the floor, due to dense weight of cold air. High volume, low speed and reduction in coanda effects must be applied.

The Problem Is…

Most systems use recirculating air. But breathing exhausted air in a range can effect the health of workers. Which leaves you, the owner, the choice of either investing in expensive filters or paying costly fines.

Arm Yourself With Information

In this industry, there’s nothing more powerful than information. Which is why the first thing we do is arm you with a free compliance-focused report to ensure you’re ahead of the game.


As leaders in the industry, we design and install custom- built, treated air systems in leading firing ranges across Texas. For you that means:

  • Maximum shooter comfort
  • Air quality regulation
  • Disposal of airborne pollutants
  • Rigorous safety standards
  • Full legal compliance
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Minimal Maintenance

We are passionate about the future of the industry and will design a system to meet all the needs of your shooting range. Plus we’ll install it using All-American materials, professionalism and friendly service at every stage.



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