With Only Brief Instruction, Even Your Newest Employee Could Safely Change Your Filters In 60 Seconds Or Less


Unlike our competitors, the effectiveness & reliability of a Rushing Air system does not hinge on replaceable filters.


While our system does use replaceable filters, we have relocated them to the system’s exhaust.  This radical new design gives you four astonishing advantages that cannot be found in any other system.

  1. It’s Impossible To Expose Anyone Inside Your Building To Contaminated Air

Even in the unlikely scenario your Rushing Air system was operating with absolutely no filters at all, every patron and employee inside your range would still be completely safe.  All of our systems circulate fresh, clean air from outside.

That means even if the filters were past their useful lifespan—or missing altogether.  People inside your building would continue to breathe fresh, clean air.

  1. Inexpensive Filters Can Be Easily Changed In Seconds Flat

Since other systems filter recirculating air (remember, we filter the air as it exits), the replaceable filters must be plentiful and typically located in difficult to reach areas.  Because re-circulating systems rely on filtration, when it’s time to replace the filters, the entire system must be shut down, which means all non-essential personnel—customers included—cannot be inside the range.

The significant and constant downtime causes two major problems:

First, when customers aren’t shooting, that means you’re losing revenue.  And second, your employees are still on the clock during filter changes, which means you’re paying some of them to stand around and wait, while others get paid to replace filters when they could be doing something productive.

So not only do you lose business, you waste payroll.

In contrast, our filters are easy to maintain and can be changed in seconds.  In fact, after brief instruction, your newest, greenest employee could learn how to change our filters in under a minute.  With virtually no downtime, you don’t lose customer revenue and you don’t waste money paying employees to go through a lengthy filter changing process.

  1. Our System Doesn’t Require The Use Of Expensive Filtration.

Other systems require the use of expensive filters that cost up to $500.  In addition to these exorbitant prices, recent studies reveal that many filters carrying official designation do not, in fact, meet true standards.*

Not only are you buying expensive filters, there’s a good chance you’re being ripped-off, because they may not even meet standards.  If so, your customers and employees could be exposed to dangerously low air quality, and the sub-standard filters could cause your range to fail the next surprise test administered by NIOSH.

Is that a chance you’re willing to take?

    Replaceable filters will always be the weak link in any air filtration system.  So why do our competitors’ systems completely revolve around these filters?  Remember, if their filters fail, their entire system fails.

    That’s why at Rushing Air, we designed a system that uses filters, but does not rely on filters.  The result is a foolproof design that’s easy and inexpensive to operate.  And even if the filters fail, your customers and employees are never exposed to danger.


    *HEPA Filter testing http://www.abatement.com/patient-isolation/patient-isolation-info-resources-facts-about-true-hepa-filtration.htm

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