A Little Research Can Yield Large Savings

As a savvy business owner, you do your research before making significant purchases. You shop and compare to get the best value for things like insurance, utilities and benefits plans for your employees.

Sadly, you probably didn’t get all the information you needed when looking for your shooting range ventilation system.

The revolutionary Conditioned Air Displacement System from Rushing Air was probably not something you were immediately exposed to when first looking into this investment.


Your traditional shooting range ventilation system depends on multiple expensive difficult to replace filters to keep your air clean. These recirculating systems may boast the most up to date filter technology, but their basic design is still from the 1970s. Their reliance on filters for controlling air quality means you pay a hefty monthly bill – not just for replacement filters, but for hazardous chemical disposal for filters, downtime to perform replacement.

This is bad enough, but it gets worse.

Industry analysis shows that these older re-circulating systems cost you the range owner about $3.25 per hour per lane to operate. This hourly expense does not take into account that as the system gets bogged down by those multiple filters clogging and restricting air flow, the cost to operate the system ratchets up. Not only that, but a straining system increases wear reducing the lifespan of your system.

What if there was a better way?

Rushing Air’s innovative Conditioned Air Displacement System provides a quality climate controlled energy-efficient ventilation system at about $0.75 per hour per lane and it’s simple design avoids the pitfalls of depending on filters!

Combining these factors, you could save upwards of $70,000 a year or more.

It’s time for shooting range ventilation, to change – give us a call today.