Indoor Shooting Range Ventilation

Safety Matters Most

As an indoor shooting range owner, you are deeply aware of safety issues. You no doubt have a concise and efficient safety plan when it comes to running your range. A safe range plan is important for your employees and your customers alike. It is an inherent responsibility when operating your business that firearm safety is first and foremost for all involved.

But, there is also a responsibility that goes beyond firearm safety that may not get the attention it deserves. There are laws that make you responsible for protecting your employees and patrons from a lead contaminated workplaces. Ventilation is one of the key components of air quality inside indoor shooting ranges. During daily exposure with firearms, owners, employees and customers can inhale dust and fumes that contain harmful lead particulates. According to the Center for Disease Control, firearm exposure holds the largest risk of lead poisoning outside of work.

Ventilation – The Hidden Safety Issue

Proper indoor shooting range ventilation is paramount to ensuring the health safety of your employees and customers. But, as you know, the ventilation systems currently in use today are grossly inadequate if not properly administered. HVAC systems that are utilized in other industries fall short when they are utilized in a shooting range setting. An indoor range has ventilation needs of its own due to contaminants and pollutants that are byproducts of firearm use. Current systems requiring expensive and labor-intensive filter changes; making it extremely disruptive to your business. Consequently, many owners do not replace these filters on a regular basis. This can produce harmful recirculation of particulate-filled air. And, it creates a safety hazard for those who are breathing it and encountering contaminated surfaces consistently.

Safer Ventilation

At Rushing Air Treated Air Systems, we set out to design a system that would enable indoor range owners to keep consistent with federal regulation. It would also allow your employees and customers the availability of the cleanest and environmentally safe air quality atmosphere possible. Our Conditioned Air Displacement System is a proprietary cutting-edge indoor shooting range ventilation system that introduces safety back into indoor range air quality. Our design alleviates the existing filtration system by employing low cost filtration at the exhaust stage of the cycle. We can do this because our system circulates fresh air constantly. No other system currently available today has the capability of using clean, fresh air from the outside, while easily regulating temperature and humidity on the inside. Considered the most advanced indoor shooting range ventilation on the market today. Our system makes it nearly impossible for your employees and patrons to be exposed to dangerous air and surfaces.

Our Conditioned Air Displacement System indoor shooting range ventilation technology does not rely on the same antiquated filtration system that has been used for decades. Old filters are not only expensive, but studies have revealed that many do not even meet current standards, and are not adequate. The downtime involved when changing these unruly filters equates to business interruption. Not so with our proprietary system. When circulating nothing but clean, fresh air, the people inside your building are breathing just that — clean, fresh air. Our low-cost filters are utilized at exhaust and can easily be changed in seconds without interrupting your business. No longer are you running the risk of recirculating contaminants; but you are also saving money.

Energy Cost Savings

Consider not only your downtime costs being eliminated but also your energy costs. With restricted airflow, no longer part of the equation, a huge benefit to our innovative technology in indoor shooting range ventilation is energy savings. With our design, airflow is not compromised and uses far less energy. An old recirculation system can cost up to $3.25 per hour per four-foot lane to operate. Based on a 68° interior temperature, our system at Rushing Air costs a mere $0.75 per hour per four-foot lane to operate, while providing heated or cooled fresh air. Bottom line — our Conditioned Air Displacement System can save $67,000 per year. All while providing your employees and customers the safest, cleanest air possible within your facility.

Clean Air is Healthy Air

Our indoor shooting range ventilation technology is the cleanest, most advanced system on the market today. The use of fresh air eliminates concerns of particulate and pollutant contamination, all the while efficiently cooling, heating and dehumidifying the interior air to your criteria and comfort. Energy efficiency is a cost savings byproduct of our advanced design. No other indoor shooting range ventilation system can offer the safety, efficiency and cost savings that Rushing Air Treated Air Systems can. As a business owner, we know that you care about the health and welfare of your employees and customers. Old recirculation systems have proven inadequate in this regard. Call Rushing Air Treated Air Systems to find out more about our innovative design in indoor shooting range ventilation.