Range HVAC

Range HVAC Has its Own Requirements

As a range owner, when considering air quality for your indoor shooting range, you are aware of industry safety regulations and hazards. Proper indoor range ventilation is crucial to ensure the safety of customers and employees alike. In the industry, it is well known that the range HVAC system you choose must accomplish things that normal HVAC systems do not have to comply with. Systems that are utilized in other industries are not sufficient in an industry where contaminants are a regular by-product of consistent firearm use. During daily firearm use, owners, employees and customers can be exposed to dust and fumes that contain hazardous pollutants and lead particulates. When it comes to ventilation of an indoor shooting range facility, the range HVAC system must ensure that these harmful pollutants are removed from the air. They must not be allowed to build up or remain on surfaces.

Recirculation of Harmful Toxins

The recirculation HVAC systems that are currently in use at most ranges today, when used properly, should work to keep contaminants and particulates filtered out of the primary areas of the range. These recirculation systems rely heavily on a series of ducts and filters. And therein lies the problem. A recirculation system is only as good as the filters it relies on, and the human labor behind keeping those filters changed out in a timely way. These multi-stage range HVAC filters not only require scheduled, consistent change outs, but can cost around $500 a piece. Filtration change out cannot take place when you have customers or employees in the building, meaning costly business downtime. Current systems requiring expensive and labor-intensive filter changes. This makes it extremely disruptive to business and range owners who may struggle to keep up with the filtration change outs. When filters are left in your range HVAC system beyond their usefulness, air that is full of lead and other harmful contaminants is being recirculated within the system. This sets the stage for a dangerous health situation both for your employees and the people who patronize your range.

A Dangerous Flaw

Rushing Air Treated Air Systems recognized this dangerous flaw. Our cutting-edge design makes it virtually impossible for the people in your range to become exposed to harmful toxins. Our Conditioned Air Displacement System does not rely on recirculated air, but on fresh, outdoor air. The only filtration we employ are low cost filters at the exhaust stage of circulation, which can be changed out in seconds. With our modern technology, you are not only saving your business from circulating harmful toxins throughout the building, but you are also saving in energy costs. Considering not only the money lost on downtime filtration changeouts, but energy costs to move air throughout the range, our system puts you well ahead of the game.

Less Energy Load, Less Energy Costs

Recirculation technology utilizes ductwork and filtration that slows down and inhibits airflow. The load on your pumps and equipment can be staggering, especially if airflow is being inhibited at each filter. Our Conditioned Air Displacement System does not use a labyrinth of ducts and filters. Less drag on equipment equals less energy consumption. When bringing fresh air in to circulate inside your range HVAC, you no longer need the filtration system for recirculated air. Our system allows the continual movement of fresh, clean air throughout the building. The only filtration is an inexpensive filter at the exhaust end of the cycle. You might believe that keeping fresh air temperature controlled would be difficult. We will show you how you can maintain an indoor temperature and keep it dehumidified. All at a potential savings of $6,000 per month over your current costs to maintain a recirculation system. No longer are you running the risk of recirculating contaminants, but you are also saving money.
This equates to a healthier, more cost-effective range HVAC system for all involved.

Our Conditioned Air Displacement System provides fresh air ventilation technology, that does not rely on the same antiquated filtration system that has been used for decades. Rushing Air Treated Air Systems’ ventilation technology is the cleanest, most advanced system of range HVAC available today. Continual fresh air circulation eliminates the possibility of recirculating dangerous air throughout your building. And exposing your customers, employees and family to toxins. No other system on the market today is as safe as our Conditioned Air Displacement System. Let us show you how our fresh air technology can save you time and money, and can create peace of mind for you as a business owner.