Shooting Range Ventilation

A Safe Range is a Clean Range

As a safe range owner, you know the importance of safety plans when it comes to the operation of a shooting range. A safe range ensures a secure environment for your customers and employees alike. But firearm safety and environmental safety are both responsibilities of a shooting range owner. A series of investigative articles that appeared in The Seattle Times in 2014 found “Thousands of people, including workers, shooters and their family members, have been contaminated at shooting ranges due to poor ventilation and contact with lead-coated surfaces.”

As an owner, you know your responsibilities when it comes to shooting range ventilation and the regulations governing indoor air quality of your range. But you also must know the drawbacks of current ventilation systems being utilized in the industry today. These systems have gone virtually unchanged in decades despite increasing evidence that they are not useful unless concisely adhered to. Although the government regulates the industry when it comes to shooting range ventilation, citations rarely take place. This creates an atmosphere of lax enforcement by owners who are busy with day to day business, and are reluctant to shut down for disruptive filtration changes.

What Your Ventilation Hides Can Harm You

Traditional recirculating shooting range ventilation systems in use today can pose grave hazards when it comes to safe air quality to both your employees and customers. Most shooting range ventilation systems in use today recirculate indoor air and employ the use of expensive filters. These filters cannot be changed efficiently without shutting down operations, and removing everyone from the building. Unless filter changes take place consistently and on a rigorous schedule, dirt and pollutants accumulate. Dirty filters create a harmful cycle where pollutants and particulates — lead, mercury, carbon monoxide — are not being removed. Particles may get recirculated into the indoor environment, to be breathed in by your employees and customers. This can create a buildup over time, where surfaces can accumulate toxins that get easily passed to others on clothing and skin.

New, Fresh Air Technology

Rushing Air Treated Air Systems offers the only shooting range ventilation system on the market today that does not rely on inefficient, potentially hazardous filtration. Our proprietary Conditioned Air Displacement System uses a simple approach — fresh air. We continually displace the old air and replace it with new, fresh air. This constant movement of air doesn’t allow for the settling of toxins. The only filtration that takes place is at the exhaust cycle, before the air is moved out of the building. These filters are inexpensive and can be replaced within seconds.

No other shooting range ventilation system currently available on the market today has the capability of using clean, fresh air from the outside; while easily regulating temperature and humidity on the inside. Although many naysayers claimed that a fresh air system could not be temperature controlled efficiently, we have proven them wrong. In fact, the energy savings that you see from our design can save you nearly $67,000 per year. Ease of use and energy savings like this make our ventilation system a common-sense alternative to existing hazardous recirculation systems.

You Save on Energy Costs

Because of the free flow of air without cumbersome ductwork and filtration to restrict movement, the equipment that pumps and moves the air has less strain. A fresh air system is not under a heavy load burden so air moves efficiently, equating to incredible energy savings. Temperature control has been tested for years and our numbers are consistent. Operating in areas of incredible heat, or in the icy chill of winters, doesn’t affect the energy savings of our Conditioned Air Displacement System. Our proprietary system takes the hazard out of shooting range ventilation; while offering a cost effective, energy efficient approach to a difficult ventilation dilemma. The outcome is a design that is safe, easy and inexpensive to operate.

Selecting the new generation of shooting range ventilation, that we offer at Rushing Air Treated Air Systems, can save your employees and customers from exposure to the hazardous materials that are inherent in firearm activity. Rushing Air’s Conditioned Air Displacement System offers a design that avoids recirculation of pollutants that depend on unreliable filtration. You are not only safeguarding your business, but safeguarding your employees’, customers’ and your own health and wellbeing. What seems like a simple solution in shooting range ventilation — using fresh air — is actually cutting edge technology. Let us show you how our Conditioned Air Displacement System can equate to better health, better return on investment, and more efficient energy consumption.