Small Arms Ventilation

Balancing is a Complex Task

When it comes to an indoor shooting range and small arms ventilation, regulations can be tricky. Airflow and ventilation can seem simple until you consider that if any component of the system fails, you can be potentially left with a health hazard. Take this paragraph from the NSSF on the current industry method of recirculating small arms ventilation systems:

“In recirculating systems, an exhaust duct is often placed between 15 and 25 feet downrange of the shooters. Approximately 20 feet seems to be the best compromise. This allows the highest concentration of contaminated air to be removed quickly and efficiently. The exhaust air should remove 15 to 40 percent of the air now. The remaining air continues downrange where it is collected in ducts, filtered and returned to be united with outside makeup supply air, and directed back downrange. The recirculated air is often heated or cooled before it is united with the make-up air. Balancing a recirculating system to ensure all air flow is working in unison is a complex task.”

Dirty Filters, Dangerous Air Quality

A complex task, indeed. In a perfect world, a recirculating system should work properly; removing harmful particulates and toxins from the indoor environment of a shooting range. Through a series of filters and return ductwork, the indoor air, in theory, is being removed of harmful pollutants. Now, let’s consider what happens when filters are not being changed consistently. Filters in a small arms ventilation system need to be changed according to a rigorous schedule. Expensive and labor-intensive filter changes are disruptive, and require that all personnel and patrons leave the premises. That equates to costly business downtime. So, let’s surmise that, in theory, filters don’t get changed as frequently as they should.

When a filter gets obstructed, it is no longer doing its job. In the case of small arms ventilation, that means that harmful substances, including lead, mercury and carbon monoxide, among others, are being recirculated into the air. And, are also building up on surfaces and in ductwork. So even after filters are finally changed, that air is still moving past a buildup of toxins, and being passed back into the air for all to breathe. Add to that the fact that most filters used in the industry today have exhibited a decrease in quality standards, and have shown numerous defects when tested. Hazardous? Yes. In fact, the Center for Disease Control cites “indoor firing ranges are a source of lead exposure and elevated blood lead levels among employees, their families, and customers, despite public health outreach efforts and comprehensive guidelines for controlling occupational lead exposure.”

Safety is Your Responsibility

Small arms ventilation and the safety of the indoor air quality at ranges is the direct responsibility of owners. If you are an owner, why entrust your employees’ and patrons’ health; not to mention your own and your family’s, with old, unreliable recirculation ventilation technology?

At Rushing Air Treated Air Systems, we have developed a proprietary system based on a simple concept — fresh air. With our Conditioned Air Displacement System, you get a design that both filters and circulates fresh air into indoor gun ranges. With our cutting-edge technology, small arms ventilation now can avoid recirculation of the toxins and pollutants that an unreliable recirculation system can continue to distribute throughout your range; potentially causing harm to employees and customers.

Fresh Air is Healthy Air

With our fresh air technology, you are not only safeguarding the health of your employees and customers, but safeguarding your business. With fresh air technology, the only filters that are utilized are at the exhaust end of the cycle. Free circulation of fresh air means less drag on mechanisms that pump and move air throughout the system; creating incredible energy efficiency. Cost savings of around $67,000 per year have been realized with our modern technology. Although it has been presumed that temperature regulation makes fresh air technology not cost efficient, our clients have experienced just the opposite. Less load, less energy consumption.

Our Conditioned Air Displacement System is the only small arms ventilation system in the industry that utilizes clean air from the outside, cools, heats and dehumidifies it. All while making it virtually impossible for your employees or customers to become exposed to harmful air quality. Safe, user friendly, energy and cost efficient.

Contact us at Rushing Air Treated Air Systems to find how we can make your facility safe and efficient. Cutting edge, small arms ventilation is a phone call away.