According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the gun range industry is a multi-billion dollar enterprise that serves 20 to 40 million patrons annually in the United States alone! However, due to the lack of maintenance regulation by the Environmental Protection Agency and inspections from OSHA, many indoor gun ranges have hazardous air quality that poses a threat to customer and employee health. Faulty shooting range ventilation management systems and their overall design flaws are to blame.

The effectiveness of a indoor shooting range ventilation system can, over time, be a matter of life and death. Indoor shooting ranges deal with many toxic gases and particulates that must constantly be cleared from the environment to maintain safe air quality.

Lead is one of the more common dangers to indoor shooting ranges that can develop into lead poisoning if not properly prevented and treated. Lead poisoning can cause headaches, abdominal pain, memory loss, or even seizures and death. However, lead isn’t the only airborne pollutant that you should worry about. Barium, carbon monoxide, ammonia, and nitrogen are just some of the other toxins that are potentially fatal.

A faulty shooting range ventilation system will not be able to properly remove the dangerous pollutants from the air. Customers and employees within the gun range will be exposed to a myriad of toxic gases that can create an immediate and/or long term affect on their health. On top of this, the design of many traditional shooting range ventilation systems require frequent, costly maintenance that is often forgotten — or postponed — by shooting range managers.

In order to fix this prevalent problem within the industry, Rushing Air created a revolutionary, cost efficient range ventilation system that introduces 100% fresh air, 100% of the time, into gun ranges. It is far superior to standard air filtration systems and creates air quality well above federal regulations. As millions of people set out to indoor gun ranges this year, Rushing Air wants to make sure they can do so in safety.

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