Immediately Increase Your Profit By Lowering Your Operating Costs

The old saying, “the devil is in the details” is wise advice for any business looking to increase its bottom line. Figuring out your daily operating costs offers the shortest route to increased profits.

However, to really apply the principle, companies have to dig deep into their numbers. Costs have to be analyzed down to the cost per day. At that level of magnification, excessive spending glares at you.

What’s The Purpose?

But why go through all of this trouble? Is the profit worth the work?

A company running lower daily operating costs can always beat their competition on price. In the case of an indoor shooting range, if a range can operate with 50% lower costs than a competitor that’s how much less they can charge shooters. The cost reduction, in turn, draws in more customers.

Most bills are pretty similar for most businesses. Rent, labor, material costs and insurance are all within the same price range. The variances are rarely more than a few percentage points away from each other. And don’t worry about taxes, they’re always going to go up.

What You Can Change Today?

What you do control is the daily costs of your utilities. Yes, the rate is the same for everybody, but you control the amount you use.

But, it’s hard for ranges to manage their utilities. Indoor Shooting Ranges need a lot of power for everything they run, and the range ventilation system is one of the biggest draws on electricity. At Rushing Air, we developed a safer and more cost-efficient alternative to standard shooting range ventilation systems, the Conditioned Air Displacement System.

We have a lot of experience helping businesses figure out their daily range ventilations costs. On a daily basis, we show shooting ranges how our ventilation system can drop daily ventilation costs by over 70%.

For example, in an industry average shooting range of 10 lanes, it costs about $3.25 an hour per lane to run the range. The energy consumption is about $32.50 an hour. The range would need 2-3 people shooting every hour to pay for ventilation costs alone.

The Rushing Conditioned Air Displacement system allows the same range to operate at $0.75 cents per lane per hour. With only one lane running, the range is making more than what it costs to run the HVAC system. The range is saving over $67,000 a year.

Every range is different with costs, but you won’t know how much you can save until you know your daily operating costs.

Call us to schedule a demonstration of how our filtration system saves you money and makes the air cleaner and safer for your employees and customers.