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How To Pocket An Extra $67,500 Every Year With Zero Effort


At first glance, indoor shooting range ventilation may not seem exciting…until, you discover that a Conditioned Air Displacement System can save you $67,500 in energy cost EVERY YEAR.


That’s a savings of $6,000 every month.  What could you do with that kind of extra money?


We didn’t set out to make a ventilation system with unheard of efficiency in mind, but that’s exactly what happened with our revolutionary design. 

Since there is absolutely ZERO airflow restriction from filters or extreme ducting, we were thrilled to discover that by default, extreme energy efficiency is a built-in side byproduct to our groundbreaking technology. 

In fact, our technology slashes energy costs so drastically, a Rushing Air unit is more than just a ventilation system—it’s a bona fide investment.

Here’s a screen shot from the competitions “Range Development and Design Seminar October 2013” – Note the operation costs of “$3.25 per hour per four foot lane”.  Keep in mind, no mention of the costs associated with the filters their system requires.

A Rushing Air System only costs $0.75¢ per lane/per hour while providing clean, pristine air, but also COOLING the air in 90° Texas heat? and HEATING the 30° Canadian Cold!

Weather Screen Shot 

The energy savings are so incredible—so drastic—it’s literally life-changing.  What range owner couldn’t use an extra $67,500 every year?

During initial tests, we couldn’t believe our eyes when we first saw how efficient our systems are.  But we checked the numbers over and over again, and now, Rushing Air systems in operation all over the country prove the numbers don’t lie. 

In any climate—hot, cold, wet, or dry—Rushing Air guarantees the cleanest AND most comfortable air, because we have the only system that also includes complete climate control…all at an unbelievably low cost to operate.

small arms ventilation costs


(Bay temperature is 68°)

$13.55 an hour, divided by 24 Lanes = $0.56¢ Per hour, per lane.(PhPl)

So lets compare the two over the span of 60 Hours.

$3.25PhPl x 10 Lanes = $32.50hr x 60 Hours = $1,950.00

$0.56¢PhPl x 10 Lanes = $5.60hr x 60 Hours = $336.00

60 Hours is a conservative amount of hours based on a work week, lets break this down a step further:

60 Hours = 1 Week (52 Weeks out of the year) x $1,950.00 = Annual Consumption

52 Weeks x $1,950.00 = $101,400.00

Compared to Rushing Air:

52 Weeks x $336.00 = $17,472.00 

The numbers don’t lie.

Rushing Air set out to design and implement a system that would keep range owners above reproach from federal regulation & have employees and customers experience a clean and safe environment and we did so, what we didn’t expect, was how efficient our system would become. It’s clear and cut for range owners which system makes the most sense.

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