As an indoor shooting range operator, you are well aware of the costs involved in running your business. From utilities to personnel to supplies, you need to decide how each of these impacts your bottom line. Something you probably haven’t considered are some of the hidden costs related to the shooting range filtration system.

Most of the time, the shooting range ventilation is something that you just have running and don’t worry about. The system keeps it cool or warm and doesn’t really require attention.

Until it is time to change the filters.

With traditional small arms ventilation systems, changing the filters is more expensive than you might realize. (Not changing them more so as clogged filters can lead to significant contaminants in your air or even a system failure.)

The cost of the filters. Some systems have filter costs of upwards of $500.

Traditional shooting range ventilationsystems employ multiple filters often placed in inaccessible locations within itself. This means your system has to be shut down for a while in order to replace the filters. With the system shut down, so are you.

Filter disposal. Unlike your standard supply unit filter, can’t be tossed in the Dumpster. When it is time to replace these filters, they are impregnated with lead and toxins forcing them to be treated as hazardous waste.
Rushing Air’s Conditioned Air Displacement System significantly reduces the filter costs.

The cost of pre-filters is only around $8 – about what you would pay for a good home A/C filter.
Because our filters are located at the exhaust, they are easy to access and change. Typical replacement time is seconds, keeping you up and running.

Because of the ease and affordability of replacing the filters, they can be changed before their end of life. When that is done, the filters can be tossed in the Dumpster along with your regular trash. No hazardous material to contend with.
For small or large business owners, the ongoing savings in filter costs alone makes looking into Rushing Air Conditioned Air Displacement System a smart business move.

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