A very common issue range owners have identified as the biggest cost prohibitive portion of their business.

Before range owners opened their indoor shooting range they all felt they all did the a few common things, homework. They’ve spent countless hours studying the regulations, scoping out the competition. They planned, they became an expert on what it takes to run a successful indoor gun range.

When owners and developers hired contractors, they found experts in their fields because wanting someone to bring the same dedication to excellence in their work that they were investing in yours.

The shocking truth, they may have unknowingly been short changed.

While there are a number of outstanding range ventilation companies offering quality products and outstanding service there is one thing you need to ask while making your selection: What does that range ventilation company know about indoor gun ranges?

This may not seem like it would matter. After all, the company is an HVAC expert. However, as you well know, indoor gun ranges have their own unique challenges and issues. A regular HVAC company may not understand your particular needs and unwittingly sell you a system that does not do your business justice.

Having an HVAC system that is not designed to address the special needs of indoor gun ranges can result in air that is ripe with contaminants such as lead, carbon monoxide and ammonia to name just a few of the pollutants you need to worry about. If the system installed is not equipped to handle the special nuances of your business, you could easily have a health crisis on your hands.

A great HVAC system is not necessarily a great indoor gun range system.

Rushing Air’s industry changing Conditioned Air Displacement System is engineered to address the particular nature of an indoor gun range environment. In fact, they exclusively specialize in this area.

When shopping for an indoor shooting range ventilation company, why not go with one that is tailor-made for your business instead of one designed for any business?

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