I’ve been an avid shooter and firearm enthusiast for over 40 years, and I’ve been in the heating and cooling industry for about the same amount of time.

That’s why I’ve always paid attention to the air quality inside shooting ranges, where I’ve spent a good deal of my adult life. It’s either too hot or too cold, it always smells like gun smoke and often times, I could taste something in the air.

Gun smoke contains lead, after all. As I’m sure you know, inhaling lead is unhealthy. The fact is, if you can smell gun smoke, then you’re likely inhaling lead.

That got me thinking… Are the people who work inside shooting ranges risking their health? Are the patrons exposed to dangerous air? Ranges are supposed to have ventilation systems, so why does it always look so hazy inside? And why does it smell like gun smoke?

I became convinced the available ventilation systems are just not good enough. And that’s when I thought, “There has to be something better, I could do it better”.

Eventually, I worked up the nerve to ask a local range owner if I could see how his ventilation system worked. Within minutes I discovered a heap of design flaws and weaknesses. His system was supposed to be modern ‘state-of-the-art”, but it wasn’t, it was based on antiquated 30-year-old technology.

That particular range owner let me design a new ventilation system for his business, and that’s when Rushing Air Treated Air Systems was born.

I knew my design was revolutionary, but we were all shocked at just how well it really worked. It aced every test imaginable, far surpassing federal guidelines for indoor air quality. The range owner’s operation costs plummeted because my system used so much less energy and—due to the specific engineering design—it utilizes cost efficient filters instead of the expensive filters all the other systems require.

We crunched the numbers again and again because they seemed too good to be true. But month after month my system proved to be the real deal. Over the years we tweaked and adjusted the design until it was absolutely perfect.

At that point, it felt wrong to keep this new system to myself. It kept the indoor air cleaner, used less energy, was cheaper to operate and it even heated and cooled the building. I knew other range owners deserved to know about this astonishing new technology, so I scaled up my operation to serve the industry.

Right now, Rushing Air systems are in use all over the United States. In the dry heat of the desert, in the humidity of the Southeast and in the frigid winters of New England, Rushing Air is keeping indoor ranges comfortable and perfectly ventilated.

I set out to make the air inside shooting ranges safe to breathe. That was my number one priority, and I’m happy to say I achieved it. But I had no idea my design would also revolutionize every other performance metric imaginable. Rushing Air is the safest, simplest, most efficient, most user friendly and cost effective system on the face of the planet. Period.

But that’s not all that makes us different. What’s unique about Rushing Air is the total customization of every unit we install. Each unit is a one-off masterpiece of design, specifically tailored to the individual range it serves.

We aren’t a massive, unfeeling “one size fits all” corporation that shoehorns the exact same system into every range. We work with you to achieve a perfect balance of design, development, infrastructure and performance based on your unique needs and geographic location.

Your new Rushing Air system will be so perfectly balanced, so finely tuned, it will achieve peak performance only at your specific location. Move it to the other side of the country or even just the other side of town, and performance will suffer. That’s how perfectly tuned and customized our systems are.

But that doesn’t mean they’re fragile or finicky. Our systems are tough as nails because the finely tuned balance is built right into the permanent design. They’ve survived Gulf hurricanes and New England blizzards without a hitch, so don’t worry about longevity. We build perfect, long-lasting balance into every unit. To maintain it, all you need to do is hit the “On” switch.

Once your new system is up and running, our relationship isn’t over. Our full-service support team is available 24-hours a day to make sure you have everything you need. Our systems are world-class, and so is our customer service.

I know everybody says their customer service is the best, but I can actually back it up. Simply call our office and we’ll give you no less than five separate and independent references who would be happy to tell you how much they love Rushing Air.

I’m Brian Rushing, founder of Rushing Air.



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