What is Conditioned Air Displacement?


It’s not just air;


For decades, indoor shooting ranges have been forced to use ventilation systems that recycle the same air that’s already inside the building.  It is recirculated over and over again, and that technology hasn’t changed much since the 1970s.

Rushing Air’s Conditioned Air Displacement Systems work under a radical new design that is completely different.  First, we do not recirculate air. Ever. 

We only use fresh, unspoiled air from outside.  We heat, cool and dehumidify the air and then pump it through your range and then filter the air as it exits the building and blows safely away.

In short, we don’t recirculate air.  We constantly displace old air and then replace it with new air.

Why is this important?

Our initial purpose was to provide the safest air possible for your employees and customers, which is exactly what we’ve done.  After all, what could be safer than continuously pumping fresh, unused air through your building?

What we did not anticipate was the amazing side benefits our system offers. 

Since our design uses fresh air, the air flow is never compromised. That means our systems “breathe” easily, and the equipment that pumps and moves air doesn’t have to strain against any kind of restriction.

When your ventilation system is not under constant load, it uses less energy.  And since Rushing Air systems are never under heavy load, breathing freely at all times, they are unbelievably energy efficient. It’s that simple.

We’ve torture tested our equipment for years because we could not believe the drastic energy savings.  But the numbers don’t lie.  It doesn’t matter if our systems run in Texas heat or North Eastern winters—the cost-saving efficiency is still shocking.    

And that’s not the only way Rushing Air saves you money.  Even our filters drastically cut costs because they are easily accessible and our system does not require the need for expensive filters.

Traditional systems must be completely shut down for lengthy filter changes.  Customers cannot be in the building, which means you’re not making any money.

Our inexpensive filters can be swapped in seconds.  There’s virtually no downtime and your employees can easily change them in less than a minute.  Your team at Rushing Air will work tirelessly to test and retest your filters during operation to determine optimal filter life, which translates into the business owner maximizing your new systems energy efficiency, and having a firm grasp on filter changes, which means more money in your pocket. 

Rushing Air has developed the safest, most economical ventilation system ever devised.  It’s easy to operate and built to last.  For more information, contact one of our specialists today.

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