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What Does A Ventilation System Have To Do With Safety?


Never forget that actual human beings work and shoot inside your range, where lead and harmful gases can pose a serious risk if not properly controlled. 

Traditional ventilation systems pose an extreme danger, a fact which is completely ignored within the industry.  They are full of expensive, multi-stage filters that must be replaced on a regular basis. 

The problem is that budget-minded and extremely busy range owners often struggle to keep up with changing these filters on a consistent stringent schedule.

This means filters are left in the ventilation system beyond their usefulness.  As a result, the system recirculates poorly filtered air which is full of lead and harmful gases that can make people extremely sick.

When Rushing Air first entered the industry, we immediately noticed this inexcusable flaw and the widespread danger it imposes upon the people who patronize and work inside shooting ranges.

That’s how we came up with the groundbreaking and potentially life-saving new design that is the heart and soul of our systems.

We never recirculate air.  Our system only introduces clean, fresh, outdoor air. This simple technique is how we drastically exceed every federal regulation for indoor air quality. 

Our inexpensive filters are located on the EXHAUST side of our system where contaminated air is processed and vented outside.  So even if you never change the filters at all, the people inside your range would still not be exposed to contaminated air.

Rushing Air is by far the safest, most advanced air ventilation system in the industry because it’s literally impossible for your employees or patrons to be exposed to hazardous air quality.

No other system on the market can use clean air from outside, cool it, heat it, de-humidify it.  Rushing Air is the only one.

You will also enjoy inherent energy efficiency with our design, which is an extremely valuable side benefit of our groundbreaking technology.    You won’t believe your eyes!

Download our Free Guide to Range Ventilation and see our side by side testing of an 8 Hour air quality sampling of a range that boasts a re-circulating ventilation system and one that utilizes our early model treated air system

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